Saturday, May 03, 2008

Courses for Fall 2008

A few weeks ago I registered for next semester, and here are the results:

MWF 08.00 BIB215 Pentateuch
MWF 09.00 ENG420 English Tutoring: Theory and Pedagogy
MWF 10.00 ENG213 World Literature I
MWF 13.00 GRK321 Classical Greek I
MWF 15.00 PHIL211 Introduction to Philosophy

I also have a one-hour Bible class, a one-hour activity class, and piano lessons, for eighteen hours total. I'm pretty excited about ENG420, which will require me to spend three hours a week working as a consultant in the Writing Center. Unfortunately, since it's part of the class, it doesn't pay; that's why I'm also going to work in the Writing Center as a tutor in Greek and Spanish. I can certainly pick up four or five hours a week doing that, so I won't have to work in the cafeteria next semester. (Not that I mind working in the cafeteria, of course -- it's been a good job -- but I think I'll enjoy the Writing Center rather more.) I'll have only five three-hour classes, instead of my six this semester, but between the Writing Center, piano, and debate (which I'd like to spend much more time on), it probably won't be any less busy. And that's how I would prefer it, anyway.

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