Saturday, December 01, 2007

Courses for Spring 2008

Well, my schedule for the spring semester is set:

MWF 09.00 COMM111 Introduction to Communication
MWF 10.00 GRK112 Elementary Greek II
MWF 12.00 ENG327 Advanced Grammar
MWF 16.00 ENG 346 Intro to the Novel
TR 08.00 BIB115 Biblical Foundations
TR 15.00 SPAN324 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition

All of the above are three hour classes. I'm also taking a one hour CLF class (Perspectives on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood), which is a weekend retreat scheduled for January, I think, so it should be over with fairly quickly. So technically I have 19 hours, but for all practical purposes I have eighteen. And I'm keeping this semester's work schedule in the cafeteria: four hours a week in dishpit. It should be a tough semester, especially with Greek, Spanish, and English grammar classes, but it'll be a lot of fun. I'm especially looking forward to Advanced Grammar.

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